Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing

Oil rig inspection

Detection of rust, corrosion, wear and tear, and structural integrity

Structural integrity

Surveys include storage tanks, gantries, walkways, cracks, rust, corrosion can be determinde

Flare tip

Allows tip monitoring without halting operations; UAV to capture close up images of tip, thermal camera to be utilized

Pipeline inspection

UAV to detect leakage or crack with infrared camera; miles of pipeline can be covered in a short time

Flare stack

Inspection include the tips, supporting structure and pipe work; can bedone monthly for known issues or annually for requlation commitment

Inspection & Survey Categories

  • Lidar inspection for power grid
  • Visual and termal inspection for pawer grid
  • Exploration survey of the land in jungle and areas with abundant vegitation as well as agricultures
  • Survailance inspection
  • Daytime and Night time
  • Mapping survey