It will be the endeavor of Horizon to ensure that all company operations are performed in a manner that protects and ensures the Health, Safety and the Environment of its Employee’s, Contractor’s personnel at project site and the public in the general vicinity of the project site.

The company will strive to continuously improve its safety performance and minimize the risk to health of its employee’s, contractor’s and the public in general by taking adequate measures to prevent job related injuries and illness.

The purpose of Horizon’s HSE policy is to:

  • Ensure all levels of management are responsible and accountable for HSE issues.
  • Ensure HSE matters are treated with the same priority as other primary business objectives.
  • Ensure that HSE objectives and targets are regularly monitored and reviewed.
  • Ensure that senior management, project management, supervisory staff and workforce are adequately trained in performing their HSE responsibilities.
  • Ensure individuals acceptance of their HSE responsibilities for protecting themselves, their co-worker, visitor and member of the public who may be affected by their activities.
  • Ensure that risk assessment of the various operations at ongoing project sites and new, including non-routine operations are conducted with proper controls and mitigation measures are in place to render the risk to as low as reasonably practicable to ensure safe operations.
  • Focus on environmental concerns and ensure that adverse environmental impacts are minimized through prevention of pollution and reduction of wastes by effective waste management to achieve reduced emissions and waste discharge.
  • Ensure sub-contractors are committed to health, safety and protection of environment to equal or acceptable standards of that implemented by Horizon.
  • Ensure emergency response and crisis management plans are developed and maintained in coordination, where necessary, with local civil Administration, Fire, Para-Medics and Hospital authorities.
  • Empower employees to start work only when conditions are safe and stop working when it is unsafe.

At Horizon, we believe that this policy is fundamental to our successful business operations. Each employee is an important part of our HSE program and we expect them to be committed to the policy.